How to Install Logseq on Pop!_OS


Create a Apps or Applications directory in your home folder, like the example below.

Now go to the Logseq releases page and download the latest release with extension .AppImage.

Rename the downloaded file to Logseq.AppImage and move the file to the Apps directory, as the example below:

Edit the file properties and make it executable:

Now comes the best part!

Create a file called logseq.desktop. This is the desktop entry used by the Pop Shell to find programs and show them for you, the user.

Now search for a Logseq logo and put it right on the same folder, name it as logseq.png (if it is a PNG file). You can download the icon that I'm using by clicking here.

If you used the same file and directory names that I'm using, the content of the file logseq.desktop should be this:

[Desktop Entry]

Now move this file to the ~/.local/share/applications and the Logseq app should be listed in the apps tray. If not, logout and login again.


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