Why I Love Logseq


Logseq is a local first knowledge management tool.

##Blank canvas

Everyday Logseq gives me a blank canvas, that also I can customize to be based on a template. This blank page is the daily journal; Logseq create a new one automatically for you.

The freedom to use my own way of manage notes and tasks is gold. The structureless way of saving and conecting notes match the way that my brain works.

I write almost everything in my daily journals. Tasks, notes, meeting notes, engineering notes, everything. I use pages most for "mind mapping" and other stuff.


Need to do something? Write it and Ctrl+Enter. Logseq will create a new task that you can track using queries or mark as doing or done. You can find all open tasks in the TODO page.



##Do not Repeat Yourself

In a new block, start typing (( then select the result and bingo! That blog will be embed in the new block. This is a nice way to share knowledge across your graph and keep things in sync.

This is specially useful for engineering notes.

##Local First

I own my notes. I sync them across devices using Git and GitHub private repo.